About us

Meet Rick Daman

The instructor team is led by ASI-certified super instructor and multiple Dutch canoeing champion Rick Daman. After an international canoeing career, he now teaches others the art and fun of paddling. Suppen has been known in the Netherlands for 15 years and Rick has been there from the very beginning.

Rick enjoys providing everyone with a fun canoeing or super experience. Above all, through his more than 45 years of experience in water sports, he has all the knowledge to help you get on the water safely and skillfully.


Our booking & rental conditions

Can I change my reservation?

Rescheduling of bookings can be done free of charge up to 7 days in advance by email via kano@kanoschool.nl.

Changes to the number of participants in a group activity can be communicated to us up to 5 working days in advance by email via kano@kanoschool.nl. If any changes in the number of persons are not communicated to us (in time), we will unfortunately be forced to charge 100% of the price per person.

For group bookings, a minimum number of 6 people or a minimum amount of 150 euros remains in force.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Bookings can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days in advance by email via kano@kanoschool.nl.
Will the activity continue if the weather is bad?
Normally the activities always continue. A splash of rain isn’t a problem if you do go out on the water.

The weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable and weather forecasts change often. For this reason, the landlord looks at the weather forecast 12-24 hours before the start and will contact you if the weather is very bad (strong wind and/or permanent heavy rain) and therefore unsafe or not suitable for going on the water. In this case, the landlord offers you the option to move the booking free of charge to a date to be determined in the same year.

What are the rental conditions?

Kano & Sup Amsterdam is part of Kanoschool.nl and is hereinafter referred to as ‘rental’.


Use materials
Article 1:
The hirer is deemed to have received the material in good condition. The rental is deemed to have delivered the material in good condition.

Article 2:
The hirer is liable for damage resulting from theft as well as all other culpable damage to the materials caused by the hirer during the rental period. This damage will be paid to the rental within 30 working days after the rental period.

Article 3:
The rental is at all times entitled to confiscate the rented materials after alleged misuse.

Article 4:
In the event of theft, the hirer is liable for the current value of the materials as these are not insured by the rental against theft. Loss of rent is not included.

Article 5:
The hirer is not permitted to sublease or use the rented materials to third parties or to transfer the rental rights in whole or in part to third parties.

Vessel traffic & safety

Article 6:
The tenant is considered to be able to swim.

Article 7:
The hirer must comply with the sailing rules, namely keep to the right on the water and give way to all other shipping traffic. In addition, it is prohibited to hang or climb on other (house) boats.

Rental period

Article 8:
In case of early return, the full rent remains valid. In case of later return, the renter pays the rate for the extra time.